Mass. Process Servers

Attorney Support Group.US offers the following services:

  • Massachusetts Service of Process
  • Boston Process Server
  • Massachusetts Constable Services
  • Massachusetts Subpoena Preparation and Service
  • CT Corporation Boston Service of Process
  • Corporation Service Company Boston Service of Process
  • Court Filings
  • Court Research
  • Skip Tracing for Service of Process

Call us at 617-990-4234 for immediate assistance. Merrill@AttorneySupportGroup.US

Attorney Support Group.US is a local Massachusetts legal support company that offers civil process serving, Massachusetts constable services, Massachusetts subpoena services and skip tracing for service of process. We can also file court documents and perform court research in several counties within the State of Massachusetts. All serves are completed by our staff. We do not send your docs to someone else to be served. We use flat fee pricing on all serves. No extra charges for mileage, tolls or notarized affidavits of service. Our services are available on a same day, rush and routine basis. Call 617-990-4234 for immediate assistance.

Massachusetts Process Servers

As local process servers in Massachusetts we serve legal documents statewide  including the major cities of Boston, Cambridge,  Framingham, Fall River, Newton, Quincy, Waltham, Woburn and Worcester. The Massachusetts counties that we serve legal documents include,  Suffolk, Norfolk, Middlesex, Plymouth, Bristol, Essex and Worcester. We have served thousands of federal and states subpoenas, writs, citations, orders, summons and complaints for law firms, government agencies and process serving firms across the country. It is common for law firms to have us appointed as special process servers by the Massachusetts courts to serve legal documents in a case currently before the court. We serve many of the same civil court documents that many of the Massachusetts county sheriff’s departments do including the Suffolk County Sheriff’s office formally known as the Boston Sheriff’s office, Norfolk County Sheriff’s office and Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office.  Massachusetts service of process is our specialty

Boston Legal Process Servers

As Boston process servers we regularly serve civil process on the three largest registered agents; CT Corporation, Corporation Service Company and National Registered Agents. We can serve foreign corporations through the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office when service has been attempted inside the state but the business no longer operates that office within the state. Corporate service of process is performed daily on Boston and Massachusetts area companies that engage in the business of insurance, financial services and technology. As Boston legal process servers, we also serve medical records subpoenas to many of Boston’s hospitals including Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Medical Center and Brigham and Womens Hospital. Medical records subpoenas can also be served upon individual medical doctors as well.

Massachusetts Constables

As constables in Massachusetts we serve many types of legal documents for our local attorneys. Massachusetts Constables often serve Massachusetts Probate and Family court documents including summons and complaints for divorce, child custody cases, modifications and capias. Massachusetts Constables serve many landlord and tenant documents including 14 day notices to quit, 30 day notices to quit and evictions. We can handle many of these for you or direct you to the appropriate person who can.

Massachusetts Court Records Research and Filings.

Massachusetts court records research both civil and criminal. Attorney Support Group.US performs Massachusetts court records research in the Massachusetts trial courts; Superior, District, Probate and Family and the Massachusetts land court. We can search Massachusetts court documents in the following counties – Suffolk, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Bristol and Worcester counties. Both regular and certified copies of Massachusetts court documents are available. We can also file documents in each one of these counties as needed.

Massachusetts Subpoenas

Massachusetts subpoenas are governed by M.G.L. 233 ss. 45. Massachusetts Civil Procedure Rule 45 permits a clerk of court , a notary public or a justice of the peace to issue a Massachusetts subpoena. The common types of subpoenas that are issued are:

  • Subpoena Duces Tecum
  • Subpoena Ad Testificandum (Trial Subpoena)
  • Deposition Subpoena
  • Witness Summons
  • Contempt

A Massachusetts subpoena can be issued for many reasons such as in a simple divorce to establish wages for child support. The taking of a deposition in an auto accident case or for testimony at trial. Attorney Support Group.US can issue your Massachusetts subpoena. We have notaries that can issue the subpoena and constables in Massachusetts to serve along with any witness fees that may be required. Contact us and we can discuss your needs.

Attorney Support Group.US is a member of the National Association of Professional Process Servers, New York Professional Process Servers Association, New Jersey Professional Process Servers Association and the Florida Association of Professional Process Servers.